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The Art Of War книга

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The Art Of War книга

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Over the course of history, many wars have changed the political and cultural landscape of our world. While these events are defined by their upheaval and violence, they frequently contribute to the formation of the identity of entire generations or groups of people, and thus have significant cultural effects. Despite the physical and emotional destruction that occurs during these turbulent periods, they have inspired prolific artistic creation. In the wake of traumatic events over the centuries, a myriad of artists have produced works that immortalise the most dramatic moments of these wars in order to establish them in history forever. This book presents beautiful images depicting famous battles and war scenes, accompanied by the iconic text of the legendary Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu, as well as texts documenting notable moments of different wars, each written by well-known writers. From Uccello’s The Battle of San Romano to Picasso’s Guernica, this work offers a captivating look at artworks inspired by war and what they reveal about humanity’s history.

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[PDF] Art of War PDF by Sun Tzu — Download

Composed 2500 years back, The Art of War PDF is the most established military treatise on the planet, an exemplary investigation of rivalry and contention that has been used by warriors from that point forward.

It is required perusing for insight work force in the United States Marine Corps. «Warriors» of Wall Street and in company societies depend on it for direction.

In the first place deciphered two hundred years prior, the book has been credited with affecting Napolean, the German general Staff and even the making arrangements for Desert Storm. Numerous German organizations make this book fundamental perusing for their key administrators. Corporates, as well, today ae turning for motivation to this great to survive rivalry and prevail in their fields.

The Art of War” was written originally in 500 BC. At that time, one of the greatest minds for military strategy, Sun Tzu, wrote down a few notes to help his clients. The book lists important information to consider when planning a military action. Sun Tzu first advised avoiding war. It isn’t cost effective, and detrimental to a country. But, if it is inevitable, then keep control over the stages of war. Be prepared if the enemy attacks and try to attack first. As part of the preparation take into account the “five constant factors”, 1) the moral law, 2) heaven 3) earth, 4) the commander and 5) method and discipline.

Lesson 1: Only enter battles you know you can win.

With the moral law, the soldiers are in complete sync with their commander. Follow orders unquestionably. Heaven is for the weather and time of day, and Earth is the terrain. The commander must be beyond reproach, always putting the good being of his men first, and showing pity on the enemy. Method and discipline are the meat of the operation.

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